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Legal assistance and services

Our practice expands, mainly, in commercial law, offering legal assistance to Romanian and foreign people and companies who activate in Romania.

We present our legal assistance to any legal form of company, no matter the activity:

  • register a company to the Chamber of Commerce or register modification papers (legal assistance, complete services in order to register a new company, modification papers to already existing companies, certifying documents content, identify parties, certifying date);
  • general assembly of shareholders - organizing procedures, assistance, representation, registering resolutions, annulment of resolutions;
  • shareholders' agreements, cession of the shares;
  • stock in trade - exploitation, protection, transaction;
  • patrimony;
  • splitting companies, consolidating companies;
  • branches, lucrative facility;
  • permanent legal assistance for the normal activity of a company (based on monthly fee).

Our practice, though permanent or occasional legal assistance, covers all operations and activities involved in a company, starting with the birth of a company till its' liquidation. In this area, our practice develops a so called "prevention law", especially with the permanent legal assistance covered by us

Commercial law

  • commercial contracts - negotiation, drafting, modification, ceasing, placing new clauses into contracts; our office negotiates and drafts any commercial and civil contract;
  • commercial litigation;
  • legal assistance and representation for the immediate reconciliation, legal assistance in front of any the Romanian courts of law;
  • commercial arbitration;
  • legal assistance regarding the insolvency procedure, based on 85/2006 Law of insolvency;
  • financial - banking legal assistance - consultancy, client representation in front of the bank for signing the contracts;
  • intellectual property - exploitation, protection, registering brands;
  • commercial crimes;
  • legal assistance regarding execution.

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Cabinet Individual de Avocatură Florinela Martac

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București, cod poștal 030828

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