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Our fee policy is oriented towards a balance between the customer’s needs and our efforts.

We always wish to set a fair price which can be illustrated by meeting the desired purposes.

The fee policy depends on the type of customer, individual or company, thus resulting the following:

1. Fee policy for individuals:
The fees will be set according to:

  • the difficulty, extension and duration of the case;
  • the time and volume of work necessary to go on with the mandate received from the customer or the activity requested by the customer;
  • the customer’s financial state;
  • the nature, the novelty and the difficulty of the case;
  • the time constraints the attorney at law is compelled by the circumstances of the cause to act in order to assure competitive legal services.

2. Fee policy for companies:
Setting the fees for companies, apart from the principles set above, we’ll take into consideration the possibility of developing paying the fees in different ways, such as:

  1. hourly fees;
  2. success fees;
  3. fees combining the previous mentioned criteria.

The hourly fee is established based on the working hour respectively a fixed amount of monetary units, due to the attorney at law for each hour of professional services provided to the customer.

The fixed (standard) fee consists of a fixed amount due to the attorney at law for the professional service or for categories of such professional services provided to the customer.

The fixed (standard) fee is due to the attorney at law regardless of the result obtained by providing the professional services.

The attorney at law can receive from customer periodical fees, including standard ones.

The lawyer has the right to request and to receive, apart from the fee set a success fee in addition, according to the result or the provided services.

The success fee consists in a fixed or variable amount set in order for the attorney at law to reach a result. The success fee can be set together with the hourly or fixed fee.

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